Artisa Group



Specialized Construction

We believe in increasingly specialised construction: intelligent construction in which the concept and the services are as important as the the architecture and construction. When researching new housing solutions, we rely on our on-going analysis of the needs and development of the company.

Homes for the third and fourth age

In recent years we have gained a lot of experience in building homes for the third and fourth age. Our knowledge and understanding the housing needs of the third and fourth age, cantonal legislation and the needs of the main national operators have allowed our development team to build functional premises with a better quality of life.

Micro Living

Mini furnished apartments in strategic locations, also rentable for very short periods: these are the features of our housing concept, which meet the needs of a company where mobility and changes in living circumstances are becoming ever more frequent and constant.

Sustainable Housing

The term sustainability has a thousand facets: for us it is the basic concept of construction. Sustainable housing is a way of understanding our construction approach, which requires us to create buildings and neighbourhoods that are economically sustainable for our tenants, sustainable in terms of investment and, of course, sustainable in terms of their environmental impact.